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Being able to write an essay is an integral part of mastering any language.essayform an integral part of many academic and school examinations such as SAT DOWN, youUPSC among many others. It is a crucial evaluative part of English proficiency tests like this IELTS,TOEFL,etc. Major essays are intended to emphasize topics of interest that could have significant consequences in the world. In this blog, we seek to explore theskillsneeded and learn how to write an essay on global warming.

This blog includes:
  1. What is climate change?
  2. What is global warming?
  3. What are the Causes of Global Warming?
  4. Global warming solutions
  5. effects of global warming
  6. Examples of essays on global warming
    1. Essay on global warming in 100 - 150 words
    2. Essay on global warming in 250 words
    3. essay on global warming in 500 words
    4. UPSC global warming essay
    5. Essay on climate change and global warming
  7. Tips for writing an essay
  8. common questions

What is climate change?

Since the industrial and scientific revolutions, Earth's resources have been gradually depleted. Furthermore, the start of the exponential expansion of the world's population is particularly hard on the environment. In short, as the population's need for consumption grows, so does the use of natural resources, as well as the waste generated by this consumption.

Climate change has been one of the most significant long-term consequences of this. Climate change is more than just increasing or decreasing global temperatures; it also affects rainfall cycles, wind patterns, cyclone frequencies, sea levels and other factors. It has an impact on every major group of life on the planet.

What is global warming?

Global warming is the extraordinarily rapid increase in Earth's average surface temperature over the past century, primarily due to greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases consist of methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, carbon dioxide, water vapor and chlorofluorocarbons. Weather forecasting has become more complex with each passing year, with more indistinguishable seasons and higher overall temperatures. The number of hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, floods, etc. has steadily increased since the beginning of the 21st century. The supervillain behind all these changes is global warming. The name is self-explanatory; It means the increase in the Earth's temperature.

What are the Causes of Global Warming?

Based on recent studies, many scientists believe that the four main causes of global warming are as follows:

  • Logging
  • Greenhouse effect emissions
  • Pollution
  • per capita carbon emissions

Extreme global warming is causingnatural disasters, which can be seen all around us. One of the causes of global warming is the extreme release of greenhouse gases that get trapped at the Earth's surface, causing the temperature to rise. Likewise, volcanoes contribute to global warming by releasing excess CO2 into the atmosphere.

Hepopulation increaseIt is one of the main causes of global warming. This increase in population also leads toincrease in air pollution. Cars emit a lot of CO2, which remains in the atmosphere. This population increase is also causing deforestation, which contributes to global warming.

The Earth's surface emits energy to the atmosphere in the form of heat, maintaining balance with incoming energy. Global warming destroys the ozone layer, causing the end of the world. There is a clear indication that increased global warming will result in the extinction of all life on Earth's surface.

Global warming solutions

Of course, industries and multinational conglomerates emit more carbon than the average citizen. However, activism and community effort are the only viable ways to stem the effects of global warming. Furthermore, at the state or government level, world leaders must develop concrete plans and step-by-step programs to ensure that further damage to the wider environment does not occur.

While it is almost too late to slow the rate of global warming, finding the right solution is essential. Everyone, from individuals to governments, must work together to find a solution to global warming. Some of the factors to consider are pollution control, population growth, and use of natural resources.

One very important contribution you can make is to reduce your plastic use. Plastic is the main cause of global warming and recycling takes years. Another factor to be considered is deforestation, which will help control global warming. Planting more trees should be encouraged to make the environment greener. Certain rules must also govern industrialization. The construction of industries in green areas that affect plants and species must be prohibited.

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effects of global warming

Global warming is a real problem that many people want to deny for political gain. However, as citizens of the world, we must ensure that only the truth is presented in the media.

This decade has seen a significant impact from global warming. The two most common phenomena observed are glacier retreat and Arctic shrinkage. Glaciers are melting fast. These are clear manifestations of climate change.

Another significant effect of global warming is rising sea levels. Flooding is occurring in low-lying areas as a result of rising sea levels. Many countries have experienced extreme weather conditions. Every year we have heavy rains, extreme heat and cold, wildfires and other natural disasters.

Likewise, as global warming continues, marine life is severely affected. This is causing the extinction of marine species, among other problems. In addition, changes are expected in coral reefs, which will face extinction in the coming years. These effects will intensify in the coming years, effectively halting the spread of the species. Furthermore, humans will eventually feel the negative effects of global warming.

Examples of essays on global warming

Here are some examples of essays on global warming:

Essay on global warming in 100 - 150 words

Global warming is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere and is the result of human activities that have been causing damage to our environment in recent centuries. Global warming is something that cannot be ignored and measures must be taken to address the situation globally. The average temperature is constantly increasing by 1.5 degrees Celsius in recent years. The best method to prevent further land damage is to ban the clearing of more forests and encourage reforestation. Start by planting trees near their homes and offices, attend events and teach the importance of planting trees. It is impossible to undo damage, but it is possible to prevent further damage.

Essay on global warming in 250 words

Over a long period, Earth temperatures are observed to increase. It has affected wildlife, animals, humans and every living organism on Earth. Glaciers are melting and many countries have begun to suffer from water shortages, floods and erosion, all due to global warming. No one can be blamed for global warming except humans. Human activities such as gases released by power plants, transportation and deforestation have increased gases such as carbon dioxide, CFCs and other pollutants in the Earth's atmosphere. The main question is how we can control the current situation and build a better world for future generations. It starts with small steps by each individual. Start using cloth bags made from sustainable materials for all your purchases, instead of using high wattage light bulbs, use low energy light bulbs, turn off the electricity, don't waste water, eliminate deforestation and encourage the planting of more trees . Shift energy use from oil or other fossil fuels to wind and solar energy. Instead of throwing away your old clothes, donate them to someone for recycling. Donate old books, don't waste paper. Above all, spread awareness about global warming. Every little thing a person does to save the earth will contribute in large or small amounts. We must learn that 1% effort is better than no effort. Promise to take care of mother nature and talk about global warming.

essay on global warming in 500 words

Global warming is not a prediction, it is happening! A person who denies or does not know is an accomplice in the simplest terms. Do we have another planet to live on? Sadly, we've been given this one planet that can support life, but over the years we've turned a blind eye to the situation it's in. Global warming is not an abstract concept, but a global phenomenon that is happening very slowly, even now. time.

Global warming is a phenomenon that occurs every minute, resulting in a gradual increase in the overall climate of the Earth. Caused by greenhouse gases that trap solar radiation in the atmosphere, global warming could change the entire Earth's map, shifting areas, flooding many countries and destroying multiple forms of life. Extreme weather is a direct consequence of global warming, but it is not an exhaustive consequence. There are virtually unlimited effects of global warming that are detrimental to life on Earth.

Sea levels are rising by 0.12 inches per year worldwide. This is happening due to melting ice caps due to global warming. This increased the frequency of flooding in many low-lying areas and caused damage to coral reefs. The Arctic is one of the areas most affected by global warming. Air quality was negatively affected and seawater acidity also increased, causing severe damage to marine life forms. Severe natural disasters are caused by global warming which has had dire effects on life and property.

As long as humanity produces greenhouse gases, global warming will continue to accelerate. The consequences are felt on a much smaller scale that will soon escalate to become drastic. The power to save the day is in the hands of humans, the need is to seize the day. Energy consumption must be individually reduced. Fuel-efficient cars and other electronic devices should be encouraged to reduce wasted energy sources. This will also improve air quality and reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming is an evil that can only be overcome when we fight together.

Better late than never. If we all act today, tomorrow we will have a much better future. Global warming is the bane of our existence and various policies have popped up all over the world to fight it, but this is not enough. The real difference is made when we work individually to fight it. Understanding its importance now is crucial before it becomes an irreparable mistake. Ending global warming is of the utmost importance and each of us is as responsible as the other.

environmental test

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UPSC global warming essay

We always hear about global warming everywhere, but do we know what it is? Evil in its worst form, global warming is a phenomenon that can affect life in the most fatal ways. Global warming refers to the increase in Earth's temperature as a result of various human activities. The planet is gradually warming up and threatens the existence of life forms on it. Despite being relentlessly studied and researched, global warming for the majority of the population remains an abstract concept of science. It is this concept that over the years has culminated in making global warming an absolute reality and not a concept covered in books.

Global warming is not caused by a single reason that can be stopped. There are several factors that cause global warming, many of which are part of an individual's daily life. When burning fuels for cooking, vehicles and other conventional uses, a large amount of greenhouse gases are produced, such as carbon dioxide and methane, among many others, which accelerate global warming. Rampant deforestation also results in global warming, as less green cover results in more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a greenhouse gas.

Finding a solution to global warming is of immediate importance. Global warming is a phenomenon that must be fought together. Planting more trees could be the first step to be taken to avoid the serious consequences of global warming. Increased green coverage will result in regulation of the carbon cycle. There must be a shift from using non-renewable energy torenewable energysuch as wind or solar, which cause less pollution and therefore make it difficult to accelerate global warming. Reducing individual energy needs and not wasting energy in any way is the most important step that must be taken against global warming.

The warning bells ring to wake us up from the deep sleep of complacency into which we have sunk. Humans can fight nature and it's about time we recognized that. With all our scientific advances and technological inventions, it is unlikely to combat the negative effects of global warming. We have to remember that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our future generations and the responsibility rests on our shoulders to bequeath them a healthy planet for life to exist.

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Essay on climate change and global warming

Global warming and climate change are two sides of the same coin. Both are interrelated and are two issues of great concern worldwide. Greenhouse gases released such as carbon dioxide, CFCs and other pollutants into Earth's atmosphere cause global warming, which leads to climate change. Black holes have begun to form in the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. Human activities have created climate change and global warming. Industrial waste and smoke are major contributors to global warming. Another factor that affects is the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and also one of the reasons for climate change. Global warming has caused mountain glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic to shrink and has caused climate change. Shift from fossil fuel use to energy sources such as wind and solar. When buying any home appliance, buy the best quality with energy saving stars. Don't waste water and promote rainwater harvesting in your community.

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TOEFL essay examples

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Tips for writing an essay

Writing an effective essay requires skills that few people possess and even fewer know how to implement. While writing an essay can be a task that can be bewildering at times, some important tips for writing a successful essay can be instilled. This involves focusing on the structure of the essay, planning it well, and emphasizing crucial details. Here are some tips that can help you write better-structured, more thoughtful essays that will reach your readers:

  • Prepare an outline for the essay to ensure continuity and relevance and not break the structure of the essay.
  • Decide on a thesis statement that will form the basis of your essay. It will be the focus of your essay and help readers understand your argument.
  • It follows the structure of an introduction, a detailed body followed by a conclusion so that readers can understand the essay in a particular way without any dissonance.
  • Make your opening engaging and include solutions in your conclusion to make the essay insightful and profitable to read.
  • Reread before publishing and add your style to the essay to make it more personal and therefore unique and intriguing to readers.

common questions

What are the factors of global warming?

Natural and man-made factors contribute to global warming. The natural one also contains methane gas, volcanic eruptions and greenhouse gases. Deforestation, mining, ranching, fossil fuel burning, and other man-made causes follow.

How can global warming be stopped?

Government and the general public can work together to stop global warming. Trees should be planted more often and deforestation should be banned. It is necessary to curb the use of automobiles and promote recycling.

How to reduce global warming?

Switch to renewable energy sources, adopt sustainable methods of agriculture, transport and energy, and save water and other natural resources.

We hope this blog has given you an idea of ​​how to write and present an essay on global warming that exposes your views. The ability to write an essay is useful when you are presenting for standardized language tests. Thinking of taking one soon?Edu Leverageprovides the best online test preparation for the same through live leverage.Sign up today to find out more!

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