The World's Fastest Typists | writing salon (2023)

A compilation of historical, modern and funny fast-typing records.

The World's Fastest Typists | writing salon (1)

Head over heels (don't cheat), what would you say is the average number of words typed per minute? 30 words? 70? 130? Well, the answer is 41. That's the equivalent of typing a word every 1.3 seconds, which sounds pretty fast.

If you're a student, that means your pesky 1,000-word essay needs to be done in 35 minutes. Men tend to type faster than women and, at an average of 43 words per minute (wpm), write 37 words per minute faster than the opposite sex. As for the accuracy of what we write? The average is 92%, which means that for every 100 words, there are usually around 8 misspelled words.

However, it can be done much faster. Listed below are some of the world's fastest typists on a variety of platforms, from computers to typewriters to smartphones and more.

1. World's fastest typist on traditional typewriters

The World's Fastest Typists | writing salon (2)

Highest words per minute
Before the advent of computers and cell phones, most was typed on manual and electronic typewriters with a keyboard not unlike today's QWERTY configuration. With a monumental record of 216 words per minute, Stella Pajunas set the world record for typing on an IBM electronic typewriter in 1946. You've typed so fast that the human eye has trouble tracking your keystrokes when time runs out!

The highest average words per minute for 1 hour
Writing contests in the early 20th century were big business and attracted a lot of attention, particularly in the United States. This was partly due to the ever-expanding typewriter and personal assistant occupations, which required typists capable of superlative speeds.

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In 1923, Albert Tangora typed on a manual typewriter an average of 147 words per minute over a period of one hour, meaning he produced over 8,000 words. That's more than half of your thesis done in 60 minutes!

Does it sound tempting?Now if you're looking to push your words per minute to new limits, here's a list of popular onesEnter programsoffers exercises, speed tests and online challenges.

2. World's Fastest Typist - PC/Keyboard

The World's Fastest Typists | writing salon (3)

World's Fastest Typist - English Language
Since 2005, this prestigious title has belonged to a woman named Barbara Blackburn, who not only managed to hit a peak of 216 words per minute on a Dvorak keyboard, meaning a keyboard was designed to reduce finger movement, but also their speed of 150-170 words per minute. He was so successful in the US that he was even able to demonstrate his skills on The David Letterman Show in front of over 17 million viewers. Can you imagine letting her write your homework? They would be ready in minutes!

write in several languages
Russia has given the world a lot, and in the field of typing, it has also given us one of the fastest multilinguals of all time. Able to speak and type in 27 languages, Michael Shestov learned his craft as a clerk in the Russian military, where he typed up to 8 hours a day. During a 5 minute period, he managed to write 801 words, an average of 160 words per minute.

Reading tips:If you would likelearn to type fasterAlso, this is a complete tutorial.

Write the alphabet from A to Z
In 2012 Mohd.kursheed husseinHe set the world record for fingering the alphabet with spaces between each letter, achieving a time of 3.43 seconds. Interestingly, several people claim to be faster than him on his official page in the Guinness Book of World Records. So why not time, train and test? Your name could be the center of attention!

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The fastest court clerk in the world
Just to put all those other records in perspective, the fastest clerk in the world to use a stenotype machine is Mark Kinlingsbury. Before we continue, how many words do you think this shorthand machine can write? 150? 250? 300? Well, the real answer is a staggering 360 words per minute with 97% accuracy.

It's true that you're working with shorthand on a machine built for speed, but it's still a hugely impressive number. In fact, when you watch a stenographer at work, you realize how fast he really can be.

The fastest typist on a touchscreen
Smartphones are designed to be easy to use, but when you first start using one you start to appreciate how complicated texting on them can be! For this record, we traveled to Brazil, where a Mr. Marcel Fernandes Filho typed a standard 100-character message in 17 seconds using the Fleksy keyboard app on his iPhone.

The world's fastest typist on a QWERTY keyboard
Some people find it quite difficult to type on a full-size keyboard, let alone one sized for a cell phone. However,Sra. Grace Pak(USA) managed to transfer a 264-character message, including punctuation, to his phone in 56.5 seconds.

In general, it's complicated to verify all the speed tests that are done around the world with the help of apps and software. There are various online competitions such as The Ultimate Typing Championship. Sean Wrona reached a maximum speed of 256 wpm on this. He also managed to maintain the pace at 175 wpm for 50 minutes, breaking Blackburn's record despite not being officially recognized by Guinness. Another fast typist is Guilherme Sandrini, who reached a speed of 241 words per minute.

The world's fastest typist on an old school cell phone
Wearable technology used to be a little clunkier than it is today and had buttons you had to press to send text messages. The world record currently belongs to Yousef Ahmed Abdul Saboor, who wrote a 160-character message in 29.43 seconds. That's great finger power.

Write notes freehand
Hank Torres (USA) holds the record for the world's fastest speakerphone with a speed of 83.09 seconds at the 2011 Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, USA. He is paralyzed in all four limbs after a hang-gliding accident. He used facial motion capture technology for his recording.

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3. Unusual typists who break records

The fastest text messenger when it's spinning on your head
The life of a break dancer is hectic, so why waste time texting when you can do it at work? In GermanyBenedikt MordsteinHe managed to successfully write a message in 63.664 seconds while spinning upside down in a signature dance move. How he doesn't get dizzy is still a mystery to this day.

Largest number of alphabetic characters that can be footed in one minute
Most people I know tend to only use their feet for walking, but one or two of us have used them for other purposes. In 2010, Liu Wuei from China managed to write the alphabet 251 times in one minute using only his toes. Don't ask how cheesy the keyboard smelled afterwards.

The fastest typist in the world with his nose
When you're running out of hands, using your nose on the touchscreen is often very beneficial as it's surprisingly accurate. set only last year,Sr. Vinod Kumar ChaudharyHe managed to write 103 characters in just over 43 seconds using nothing more than his nose. His squint is impeccable to this day. Another fast typist is Neeta, a woman from India who can type all 130 characters in 90 seconds.

World's Fastest Typist 2019 (ppm) Summary

I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the world's fastest typists. Do you feel motivated? One of the most beneficial aspects of using a keyboard is that the faster you are, the more useful you are to everyone around you.

From your own personal chores to late-night paperwork in your office, this is a skill that is used every day and will be in even greater demand in the future. For example, practice, try one of the many online apps available, and maybe one day you'll find yourself in the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records!

World's Fastest Typist 2019

  1. Barbara Blackburn - Stamina: 150 words per minute, 50 minutes. Speed: 212 words per minute.
  2. Michael Shestov: for writing in more than 27 languages. Speed: 160 words per minute.
  3. Vinod Kumar Chaudhary – Nose Writing: 103 characters in 0:45 min.
  4. Grace Pak - Smartphone: 264 character message in 56.5 seconds. 2012
  5. Hank Torres: World record for fastest freehand typing
  6. Sean Wrona - Speed: 256 words per minute, Ultimate Typing Championship (unofficial).

Fastest language for typing
People in Europe or America would say that it's one of the Latin languages, but it's some of the Asian ones that allow for tremendous typing speeds due to the high density of information in their characters, as well as effective self-correcting systems.

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Chinese seems to stand out when using a pinyin keyboard. While other languages ​​may require you to type each letter individually to create a word, pinyin allows you to complete entire sentences by typing just the first vowel of a word. Alternatively, some people here would also think of Korean as a fast language that provides similar concepts and systems.

Last but not least….
Are you interested in testing? What about the records, the numbers? Even with so many sites where people can compete to set new records, many more don't care. They do their work on the keyboard and are unofficially perhaps the fastest typists in the world. Below is a nice video showing that we can all achieve amazing things and break old records and standards.

Use:All confirmed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Want to help keep this list of the world's fastest typists up to date? Let us know if you think the world's fastest typist is someone else. It could be a friend, neighbor or colleague, you never know.

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