Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (2023)

Last updated on January 13, 2023

When it comes to measuring distance, there are many tools you can use. While most people use a tape measure, a measuring wheel does a better job of measuring long distances. A measuring wheel is an excellent device for measuring long distances. It's easier to use and gives accurate results. The wheels run smoothly and allow people to measure long distances without bending their backs. They usually feature long, height-adjustable straps to match your height. Most of these flyers usually have backlit LCD screens for easy reading.

However, choosing the best measuring wheel is not a walk in the park due to the wide variety available in the market. Luckily for you, this is where we come in and help you choose the best wheels to buy. We've researched the best and best measuring wheels on the market to help you make a smart buying decision. Our reviews include the top ten measuring wheels from different brands on the market. Make sure you read and choose the one that best fits your needs.

10. TR Industrial FX Series Folding Measuring Wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (1)

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This is a simple and accurate measuring wheel capable of working in a wide variety of settings. The wheel can accurately measure a distance of up to 1,000 feet, helping you save time and energy. Features a 1 foot diameter wheel for quick and easy measuring. This wheel also features a folding handle from 1 foot 4 inches to 2 feet 9 inches. You can easily adjust the handle height to match your most comfortable measuring height. Overall, this wheel is extremely easy to use. It features an ergonomic grip, smooth wheels, and overall heavy-duty quality. The steering wheel also has a reset button, a stand and a carrying case.


  • Practical reset button and bracket
  • Accurately measure up to 1000 feet
  • Foldable handle that easily adjusts in height
  • Smooth wheels and ergonomic handle


  • Support is a little difficult to use at first

9. Rolatape RT312 12.5 inch aluminum measuring wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (2)

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The Rolatape is a simple design distance measuring wheel to consider purchasing. It is a lightweight and highly portable wheel to use anywhere. The wheel features a precision-cast wheel and aluminum spokes for durability. Accurately measure long distances. This wheel is quite easy to use and interpret. It features a pistol-style grip that provides users with maximum comfort when measuring distance. The wheel handle is telescopic and easily expands or closes for easy storage after use. Overall, this is a heavy-duty measuring wheel that ensures long-lasting, long-lasting use. It also includes a stand for immediate use.


  • Lightweight aluminum telescoping handle
  • Pistol grip for maximum comfort
  • Precision molded tire
  • Heavy duty construction for durability.


  • The scale is not the easiest to read.
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8. Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Pro 12 Foot-Inch Commercial Grade Wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (3)

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Calculated Industries is another precision measuring wheel capable of measuring up to 9,999 feet. It's a simple measuring wheel with accuracy levels up to 99.7 percent. This measuring wheel is a quality addition to the list with a pistol grip and handbrake. The wheel has a sealed gear unit for long-term use. There is a more useful stand to support the wheel and ensure accurate measurements. Overall this wheel is very easy to use. It has a reset button on the top handle for easy resetting from a distance. The wheels are big and strong, measuring 12.5 inches, ideal for tough gardening tasks. It also features a foldable handle for easy storage.


  • Foldable handle for compact storage
  • easy reset button
  • Pistol grip and handbrake
  • Easy to use and measures up to 9,999 feet


  • None

7.6 inch DuraWheel DW-500 Distance Measuring Wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (4)

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This is a simple distance measuring wheel, best suited for indoor and outdoor tasks. It's a 6-inch diameter wheel with an in-line balanced design for accurate results. The wheel measures distance in feet and tenths scales. It is easy to use and features a pistol grip to provide a firm grip while measuring. It also features a tri-fold handle design to match a comfortable measuring height. The handle folds up compactly for easy storage and transport. Overall, this is a premium wheel with sealed roller bearings. It has a high traction tire to roll smoothly on surfaces. For smooth operation and extended wear, this wheel features a belt-driven counter. It can measure up to 9,999 feet.


  • High traction tire and sealed bearings for smooth operation
  • Layout on-line balanceado
  • triple folding handle
  • Pistol grip for comfortable use


  • Missing a reset option

6. Komelon ML 1810 Foot Measuring Wheel, 6 inch, Hi-Viz Yellow

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (5)

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The Komelon Distance Measuring Wheel is a favorite for small outdoor tasks and indoor measurements. It's a perfect 5-digit counter that measures up to 10.00 feet in distance. This wheel is quite easy to use. It comes with a telescoping handle for convenient height measurement. The handle folds flat for compact storage and transport after use. It also has a comfortable rubber handle to hold and use comfortably. This is a leading measuring wheel with a gear driven counter to provide accurate results. It also features a spring mount to hold the steering wheel and a reset button for ease of use.

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  • Foldable design for compact storage
  • Gear driven counter for accurate results
  • Spring support to support the wheel
  • Comfortable grip handle and telescoping handle.


  • Not ideal for rocky terrain.

5. AdirPro Digital Distance Measuring Wheel - Large Digital LCD Display

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (6)

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The AdirPro is another high quality durable 12 inch measuring wheel. Wheel features durable plastic molded construction for long lasting use. It is a wheel of simple design with a telescopic and foldable handle. The handle extends to 44 inches and drops to 27 inches for easy storage. This is a top brand measuring wheel with a strong and durable backing. It features dustproof and waterproof buttons for durability. This wheel measures distances in US and Metric units of measure for easy reading and interpretation. It is a perfect choice for law enforcement, land appraisers and landscaping work. Overall this is a lightweight, compact and easy to use measuring wheel. It has a backlit LCD digital display for easy distance reading. It also includes a memory function and can store up to 5 last measurements.


  • Memory function to recall the last 5 readings
  • A backlit digital LCD display for easy reading from a distance
  • Measurements in feet or meters
  • Durable, high-quality wheel construction.


  • Replacing batteries is a real hassle

4. Keson RRT12 Top Reading Centerline Measuring Wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (7)

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The Keson RRT12 is a sleekly designed distance measuring wheel with an improved pistol grip for a firm grip. It's a great choice wheel, easy to use for all people. It comes with a fairly large wheel, ideal for tough outdoor measurements. This is a top brand gauge wheel with a reset button and parking brake. It has a reset counter on the handle to easily measure different areas. Overall, this is a reliable and efficient measuring wheel with a centerline for added balance and support. The wheel handle easily folds down to half its original size for compact storage. This allows for easy transport and use of the wheel wherever you go.


  • improved pistol grip
  • Counter reset button on handle
  • center line balance
  • Collapses to half its original size


  • looks big and bulky
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3. Keson MP301 Metal Frame Measuring Wheel with Spoke Wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (8)

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The Keson MP301 is an innovatively designed distance measuring wheel with centerline functionality for greater balance. It is a highly recommended measuring wheel with large distance numbers for easy reading. The wheel features a metal shelf to keep dirt and other debris away from essential benchtop components. This is a strong and durable measuring wheel with heavy-duty 0.75 inch thick steel. It will serve you for a long time and cope with any difficult terrain. The wheel also features a barrel clamp that locks the handle in an upright position. The clamp also releases in seconds, allowing for quick storage and transport.


  • Sturdy ¾-inch steel frame
  • Large numbers for easy reading.
  • Centerline functionality for balance
  • Metal shelf to block dirt and debris.


  • You have to rotate all the numbers to bring the dial to zero.

2. Digi 1st W-160 8-inch Measuring Wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (9)

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The Digi is an elegant and innovatively designed distance measuring wheel. It has an 11-inch wheel diameter and can measure distances up to 9,999 feet. This is an accurate and precise measuring wheel with accuracy levels up to 99 percent. The wheel features precision-molded, lightweight construction or long life and durability. It's easy to use and comes with a telescoping handle for a firm grip. There is an extra bracket included to support the wheel. Overall this is a reliable and accurate wheel to buy with confidence.


  • Telescoping handle for easy height adjustment
  • Sturdy construction for durability and long life
  • lightweight and portable
  • precision cast wheel


  • some assembly required

1. Crescent Lufkin 12-inch SAE Centerline Professional Measuring Wheel

Top 10 measuring wheels in 2023 reviews (10)

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This is a gear-based measuring wheel with excellent levels of accuracy and ease of use. It is a reliable measurement with superior performance. Wheel construction is stronger and more durable than most traditional belt counters. This is a leading brand measuring wheel from the Apex Tool Group. It is multifunctional and can perform a wide range of tasks. It has a unique smooth handle design for comfortable use. Overall, this is a great wheel design to buy without worry.

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  • High levels of accuracy
  • multipurpose
  • robust and durable
  • Easy to use


  • None

What to consider when choosing a distance measuring wheel

The reliable performance of your measuring wheel will depend on several characteristics. These are the features you should consider before choosing the best wheel. Here are some basic considerations to help you make a smart buying decision.

wheel type

There are different types of measuring wheels to choose from on the market. These include mechanical wheels, electronic wheels and tape measure wheels. The mechanical wheels are easy to use and have a counter that marks the recording distance. They are not accessible and run without batteries. However, they are not as accurate as electronic wheels that use batteries and a digital display.

expected use

You should know where you intend to use the measuring wheel before purchasing. Rough terrain requires a larger, stronger gauge wheel to roll smoothly. However, a thinner and smaller wheel is better suited for indoor measurements.

measurement distance

Make sure you know the maximum distance the wheel can measure. Most wheels offer a longer measuring range of up to 10,000 feet to cover all types of tasks.


The measurement scales are analogue or digital depending on the type of wheel. However, digital displays are preferred and are much easier to read.

measurement scale

Choose a wheel that measures distance in your most common unit. This will save you the trouble of converting units. You can also choose advanced measurement wheels with the option to change the measurement scale to your preferred unit.

wheel size

Wheel size is another important feature to consider. Larger wheels are better suited for long, rough surfaces. Wheels that measure between 6 and 12 inches are best suited for tougher gardening tasks. On the other hand, small wheels that measure between 4 and 6 inches are better suited for home use.

storage and portability

The best wheels should have a folding handle for easy storage after use.


These are the best measuring wheels on the market to help you accurately measure distance. Wheels are handpicked from hundreds of models to give you a better idea of ​​the best wheel to buy. Make sure you understand your measurement needs and choose a wheel that fits your needs.


What is the most accurate measuring wheel? ›

Boasting a 99.7% measurement accuracy, the Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Pro 12 is no doubt one of the best measuring wheels for contractors, engineers, surveyors, and other professionals.

What measuring wheel do surveyors use? ›

The measuring wheel – also known as a surveyor's wheel, clickwheel, odometer, or trundle wheel – is a tool used to measure distances. Measuring wheels have a counting mechanism that counts the number of rotations and uses the circumference of the wheel to calculate the distance covered.

How accurate was surveyors wheel? ›

Alexander the Great used a surveyor's wheel in 300 BC to estimate the distance between two cities on the Silk Route that were more than 500 miles apart. These measurements had 99.8 percent accuracy when checked with today's modern equipment.

How accurate are measuring wheels? ›

The key word is estimate, as a measuring wheel is an estimating device. It makes no pretense at being a precision measuring instrument. Though, under IDEAL conditions, measuring wheels can be accurate to within 3 inches per 100 feet, that's +/- . 2 %.

Which measuring device is more accurate and why? ›

The caliper is a more precise measuring tool because it can measure extremely small differences in length. The more precise the measuring tool, the more precise and accurate the measurements can be.

What is the most accurate form of measuring? ›

No measuring tool is accurate unless it is used properly. Laser measurements tools and micrometers are two of the most accurate measuring tools available.

What are the disadvantages of measuring wheel? ›

Using a measuring wheel is not always the most accurate way to determine measurements. For instance, if there are obstacles in the way, you may not get an accurate reading. Also, if the wheel has to ride over some rough or soft terrain, you may not be able to get an accurate measurement.

What are the 3 typical surveying measurements that are performed? ›

The five common types of survey measurements are horizontal distances and angles, vertical distances and angles, and slope distances. Angles and distances are measured relative to either a horizontal or vertical plane.

Do measuring wheels need calibrating? ›

Calibration Services

All Trumeter measuring wheels can be calibrated by Trumeter either before you take delivery or periodically (e.g. every 12 months to comply with ISO, Link-Up or other audits).

Which method of surveying is more accurate? ›

EDMs give surveyors much more accuracy than metal measurement tapes. Various surveys, such as detail surveys and a control survey, use this technology. Surveyors calculate the horizontal distance between two control points using an EDM instrument.

What is considered survey grade accuracy? ›

The term survey-grade accuracy may have different meanings to different people. It generally implies an absolute accuracy of around 10 cm (0.3 ft) or below, depending on the specific application.

Who uses measuring wheels? ›

Medium wheels (6 inches to 12 inches in diameter) – Contractors, golf course maintenance and other landscapers, cement and paving contractors, plumbing and irrigation workers. Larger wheels (15 inches or more in diameter) – Farmers, ranchers, landscapers, land management professionals, athletic supply stores, schools.

How do you measure if wheels will fit? ›

Put simply, to find if your wheels will fit your car, measure the distance from your wheel's center point to where it is mounted. This is the offset. Add that to half your wheel's width to find the back space and subtract it to find the front space. Compare this to your wheel well to see if it fits.

Who invented the measuring wheel? ›

This wooden viameter or measuring wheel with brass dial is believed to have been used by Blind Jack, real name John Metcalf, during the 18th century. He was born on August 15th 1717 into a working class family in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

Does wheel size affect distance? ›

If you choose bigger wheels, you will improve the stability of your car and the range of braking distance will be shortened; A larger diameter means that the wheel will be heavier and consequently speed will be slightly compromised during acceleration (depending also on the torque of the car);

What is the most appropriate measuring device? ›

Whether inches, centimeters, or millimeters are used as the unit of measurement, the ruler is the tool that will work best. The answer is ruler.

Which measurement system is better? ›

Metric is simply a better system of units than imperial

The metric system is a consistent and coherent system of units. In other words, it fits together very well and calculations are easy because it is decimal. This is a big advantage for use in the home, education, industry and science.

Which of the following is the most advanced time measurement device? ›

A digital watch can measure time up to a fraction of second whereas an atomic clock is the most accurate timekeeper and is based on characteristic frequencies of radiation emitted by certain atoms having a precision of about 1 second in 300,000 years.

What is the most popular type of measuring? ›

The most common and primarily used measuring tool of all time is the ruler, given that it is used to measure length and draw straight lines.

What are the 2 most known systems of measurement? ›

The two systems used for specifying units of measure are the English and metric systems. Units in the English system are historical units of measurement used in medieval England which evolved from the Anglo-Saxon and Roman systems.

What are the 3 types of measurement? ›

You can see there are four different types of measurement scales (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio).

What are the 4 common errors of measurements? ›

What are the different types of errors in measurement? The errors that may occur in the measurement of a physical quantity can be classified into six types: constant error, systematic error, random error, absolute error, relative error and percentage error.

What are the common errors in measurement? ›

There are three types of errors that are classified based on the source they arise from; They are:
  • Gross Errors.
  • Random Errors.
  • Systematic Errors.

Why would you not like to use a measure? ›

(1) Elastic tapes are stretchable. (2) So, the length of an elastic measuring tape will change each time due to stretching. So, it will not give a correct measurement of a distance. (3) Therefore, we cannot use an elastic measuring tape to measure distance.

What is the most accurate land survey? ›

Surveys conducted with GPS technology are sure to be highly accurate because of the sophisticated system. GPS technology utilizes a satellite network that communicates with receivers on the ground.

What is the most important surveying instrument? ›

The most common surveying equipment is called a theodolite. Theodolites are used to measure the horizontal and vertical angles between points. Surveyors combine the angle data with distances from a chain or tape measure, and it allows them to triangulate the location of any point using trigonometry.

What are 2 types of surveying? ›

Types of Surveying
  • Plane Surveying.
  • Geodetic or Trigonometrical Surveying.

Should wheels be heavy or light? ›

A reduced weight enhances the vehicle's performance because it requires less energy to change speed. If you're looking for a change of pace, lighter wheels are certainly a good direction to go. They are most often made of aluminum alloy which is strong and durable.

How much wheel offset difference is OK? ›

Even if the tire and wheel have enough clearance, the wrong offset can decrease vehicle stability. Generally, with new wheels, you don't want the new offset to be more than 5 millimeters different from the old offset.

What happens if you don't get your wheels torqued? ›

If your lug nuts are not torqued enough, they are loose, and may continue to loosen until they fall off while driving. In either case, driving without one or more functional wheel studs can be dangerous and could result in losing a tire while driving, a situation you do not want to be in.

What are the 3 types of surveying? ›

Exploratory, descriptive, and causal are the three main types used in survey research. It helps to familiarize yourself with these types before designing your survey research.

How do you measure land accurately? ›

A conventional method to survey land would be to undertake a topographical survey, however you may be after something a little simpler.
How To Measure Land By Using Tapes Or Google Earth
  1. Work out the area of your land in m2, acres, hectares etc.
  2. Calculate the perimeter lengths.
  3. Accurately locate items on your land.

Which type of survey scale is the most accurate? ›

Likert scales (named after their creator, American social scientist Rensis Likert) are quite popular because they are one of the most reliable ways to measure opinions, perceptions, and behaviors.

What is a good number for survey? ›

As a very rough rule of thumb, 200 responses will provide fairly good survey accuracy under most assumptions and parameters of a survey project. 100 responses are probably needed even for marginally acceptable accuracy.

What is a good percentage for a survey? ›

A survey response rate of 50% or higher should be considered excellent in most circumstances. A high response rate is likely driven by high levels of motivation to complete the survey, or a strong personal relationship between business and customer. Survey response rates in the 5% to 30% range are far more typical.

When was the measuring wheel invented? ›

Measuring Wheels – Going the Distance

Ideal for measuring long distances quickly, the measuring wheel has been around since the 1600s. The earliest surveyor's wheels worked a lot like the odometers we use today, which isn't surprising since the two instruments share the same origin that dates back to Ancient Greece.

How accurate is a trundle wheel? ›

Precise measurement - accuracy ± 1%. Range 0 to 9999.9 metres. Clear, easy to read analogue display.

Where are wheels measured from? ›

Wheel or rim diameter is the distance measured in inches across the face of the wheel, from bead seat to bead seat.

Is it better to have bigger or smaller rims? ›

By choosing larger wheels, you can improve the stability of your car and reduce braking distances because of the increased surface area. During dry weather, experts prefer driving on larger wheels. They're much more responsive mid-corner and give an overall better feeling on the road.

Are Bigger wheels better or worse? ›

Larger wheels offer better traction, and because they have more rubber on the tire, this also means a better grip on the road. Larger tires are better for car cornering and handling than your regular tires. They also reduce the braking distance and improve braking overall, adding to safety.

Do rims and tires have to be the same size? ›

Tires are a part of the wheel setup. For instance, your vehicle has a set size of rims, but you can buy different sizes of tires to fit those rims, as long as the middle of the tires is the correct size. That being said, a vehicle with bigger rims will often be able to fit larger tires than other vehicles.

How accurate is a measuring wheel? ›

The key word is estimate, as a measuring wheel is an estimating device. It makes no pretense at being a precision measuring instrument. Though, under IDEAL conditions, measuring wheels can be accurate to within 3 inches per 100 feet, that's +/- . 2 %.

What is a measuring rod in the Bible? ›

Measuring rods or reeds are mentioned many times in the Bible. A measuring rod and line are seen in a vision of Yahweh in Ezekiel 40:2-3: In visions of God he took me to the land of Israel and set me on a very high mountain, on whose south side were some buildings that looked like a city.

Do bigger wheels save gas? ›

However, for freeway driving at high speeds, having larger tires can help increase the vehicle's fuel efficiency. Is this because while it is easier to get a smaller wheel and tire moving than a larger one, once moving, the engine works harder to make the smaller wheel cover the same distance as a larger one.

What is the best wheel size for performance? ›

For most standard tire sizes, the optimum rim width factor is between 0.8 and 0.9 of the tire section width for ideal performance and if the tire is used with lowest inflation pressure. For normal usage, tires work properly on rims from 0.7 to 0.95 of tire section width.

Does bigger rims affect gas mileage? ›

As the size of the rim is increased, it would weigh more, which would mean more energy is needed to overcome the mass to get the car going. If this is done continuously over a certain duration of time, you will see an increase in fuel consumption when compared to using smaller sized rims.

Is a Stadiometer the most accurate? ›

Measurements using a stadiometer are clearly more accurate to use. Especially with the base stadiometer, the measurement is clearly more stable to do. So that the measurement results must be more precise.

What is more accurate than a Vernier caliper? ›

In general (depending on the scale, model and range), micrometers will almost always provide a more accurate method of measuring components. A typical caliper, for instance, will have a resolution of 0.01mm or 0.0005”, whereas a micrometer of similar specification would have a resolution of 0.001mm or 0.00005”.

What is more accurate than a measuring cylinder? ›

Unlike a measuring cylinder, a pipette will be more accurate with all of the sample, accounting for every drop of the substance being held within the tool.

What is the disadvantages of stadiometer? ›

The drawbacks of the stadiometer are: (1) the probes must be adjusted to ensure accurate positioning over anthropometric marks; (2) the measurements of the anthropometric marks are not synchronised; (3) the spine is not a straight profile but curves out of plane. ...

What is the most accurate time measuring device? ›

Atomic clocks are the most accurate timekeepers.

Why do doctors measure your height wrong? ›

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Pediatricians and family doctors inaccurately measure children's height most of the time, often because the youngsters are wearing hats or shoes or the equipment is faulty, researchers say.

Which brand of vernier caliper is best? ›

7 Best Digital Calipers Reviews
  • Neiko Digital Caliper. You must have heard about Neiko before, as it is a highly popular brand in the market. ...
  • Mitutoyo Digital Caliper. ...
  • Vinca Digital Vernier Caliper. ...
  • Igaging Digital Caliper. ...
  • Rexbeti Digital Caliper. ...
  • M Moock Digital Caliper. ...
  • Clockwise Tools Digital Caliper.

Why do engineers prefer a vernier caliper? ›

Other than that, the Vernier Caliper has scales of measurement that can measure many things like the length, bore, thickness, diameter, and depth with the same instrument, while other rulers can't. These are the main justifications why the technicians and engineers prefer the Vernier caliper to other instruments.

Which calliper is accurate and precise? ›

Dial calipers – The most precise option

Dial calipers provide precise measurements up to 3 decimal places, or 1/1000th of an inch. Obtaining a measurement is a 2 part process on this device as well, as it uses both a main scale and a dial scale. The main scale graduations on a dial caliper represent .

Why is a syringe better than a measuring cylinder? ›

gas syringe has a precise scale, gas jar does not. tube beneath the trough may slip away from under the gas jar.


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